About Us

Hi fellow flyers! My name is Ace. I found all that work flapping my wings was just so darn tiring, so I decided to get myself a plane which makes flying so much easier. Pretty soon I noticed my plane would get dirty and I like all my vehicles to sparkle and shine, so I started washing them myself. Some of my friends asked me to wash their vehicles too because mine looked so good. Before you know it I was washing a lot of cars, and that got pretty darn tiring too! I decided to launch a new car wash here in Dayton, the birthplace of aviation, and help all my friends keep their cars clean and shiny. So we built this airfield and used all the latest and greatest car wash gadgetry to make all of your cars shine, and make your flight a fun one. Here are some other important things to know…

*Recycling – Please help keep my fellow ducks in nice full reservoirs by using our environmentally friendly wash process.

*Efficient – Best state-of-the art wash gadgetry in the business!

*Fast – I feel the need…the need for speed! Fly through to wash clean and shine in just 3 minutes!

*Great Value – My little ducklings always make a mess inside my ride and the powerful FREE vacuums make clean up easy!

We want all our friends to become frequent flyers here at Flying Ace Express Car Wash.

Safe and clean travels,