Self Service Car Wash

Enjoy the speed and convenience of our self service car wash located in Dayton, OH, near Centerville, OH. Choose from a variety of different car wash options to find the one that best meets your needs. We are focused on ensuring the best customer experience by providing a well equipped, high performance car wash service. With our self service car wash, you can clean your vehicle without having to wait for an attendant. Simply drive through the car wash and select the option that best meets your car washing needs. Within minutes, your car will be shiny, clean, and spotless.

At Flying Ace Car Wash, we utilize the latest advancements in car washing technology so your vehicle can be fully cleaned without any hassles. There is no long wait time with our fast service so you can be in and out to attend to the things you need to get done. Our focus is on providing you with the utmost convenience through our automatic and self service car wash.

Choose the Right Wash For Your Needs

Whether you select our Pilot wash with enviro-soft wash, fresh water rinse, and power dry or you choose our fully featured Aviator and Barnstormer washes, you are sure to give your vehicle a superior clean. You can also select our Frequent Flyer Club and enjoy unlimited car washes as often as you choose.

Our self service car wash makes it easy to get your car looking as clean as possible. So fly on over to Flying Ace Express Car Wash and see just what we can do for your vehicle today!