Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

If you own a pet and are crazy about taking them everywhere you go; you may find you have pesky pet hair everywhere. The furry dog that you are so proud of can make you go through an intense workout just because of the pet hair you have to clean up afterwards. Yes, the ride is amazing but the efforts to remove it afterwards could be cumbersome. However, we will be sharing some effective ways to remove pet hair from your car or possibly anywhere!



Before we dig into some easy and effective ways for removing pet hair, it is always best to prevent the hassle when you can. Here are 3 easy and quick tips to prevent pet hair from landing into your car.

  • Brushing your pet’s hair is a great way to prevent loose hairs from straggling everywhere. Some pets are familiar and okay with vacuums, making it easy to sweep those nettlesome hairs up.
  • Invest in a pet car seat if you plan to take lots of road trips with your pet. Buying a pet car seat is going to help a lot. This aids in keeping the pet hair and dirt away from your regular car seats. It only stays within the premises of the pet car seat and you can easily remove it to get it clean. It makes it easier, as you don’t have to clean the entire car.
  • A lot of states have a proper rule that pets must be kept in a crate or safe harness whenever they are traveling with you. Even if it is not a law in your state, you should follow this and carry them in your car in a proper harness or crate. Make sure the crate is safe and comfortable for the pet and doesn’t annoy them much. Moreover, this will save you the entire hassle of pet hair landing in your car or sticking on your car seats.



Through experience, we have learned some easy ways to avoid pet hair from landing in your car. But if you are carrying your pet without a harness or don’t have a pet car seat, then you can pursue the following ways to clean your car effectively.



Have you ever thought of using a balloon to remove pet hair? An inflated balloon has a static electricity within it which helps it attract pet hair from anywhere. Take an inflated balloon and run it on your car seats or anywhere else in the car and it will magnetize pet hair from every corner. You can clean the balloon and keep it for reuse or inflate another balloon later on, whenever you travel with your pet. It’s a pretty cheap, fun, and effective method!



An unused dryer sheet is sometimes all you need to remove pet hair from your vehicle. It doesn’t take much effort and you can easily use it without mixing it with any other solution or water. Simply run the dryer sheet along the car seats or mats and it will help remove the pet hair completely and perfectly. It also works wonderfully for removing dust so you are basically done with two tasks through a dryer sheet; isn’t that great?!



If you have non-leather seats, a wire brush is a wonderful tool that helps in removal of all the stubborn pet hair that doesn’t seem to come up. The pet hair that doesn’t move an inch from its place can be easily removed through a wire brush. This tool is usually used at the end of the cleaning process to ensure that there is no pet hair left in the car.



A quicker solution to getting those peeving hairs up is to visit a local car wish with vacuums. Furthermore, Flying Ace Express Car Wash offers free powerful vacuums with their car cleaning services! These mighty vacuums are amazing as they attract the stubborn pet hair and remove it wonderfully well.


These four simple and easy ways will help you get rid of pet hair quickly and painlessly. But as we all have hectic routines, it does get hard to manage car cleaning on our very own. This is why it is important to consider car cleaning services like Flying Ace Express Car Wash. You’ll be amazed by the mighty suction the vacuums have to offer. Don’t forget to fly through and clean your car while you’re at it!



Owning a pet is a wonderful feeling but pet care can be tedious. It is nice to pay attention to car cleaning when you travel with your pet often. Traveling to your local Flying Ace Express Car Wash location will ensure you have a bright and shining car on the outside, with a clean and fresh smelling interior. Their powerful vacuums are going to help remove hair from all corners of your car and is one of the easiest ways to get rid of pet hair too. If you’re looking for ways to do it at home, a wire brush, balloon and/or dryer sheets will certainly help you a lot. You can also prevent pet hair from landing into your car by investing in a pet car seat. HAPPY TRAVELING WITH YOUR PET!

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