Why Wax in Winter: Your Car Needs a Coat Too!

It’s Winter again in the Midwest, and along with holidays, sweet treats, and resolutions, we can expect with certainty extreme temperatures, wintery mixes, and ruinous road treatments. Some mornings, when you look out the window at the cold, gray outdoors, you wouldn’t dream of walking out there without dressing the part: long sleeves, heavy layers, and more cozy accessories to boot. If you take this much care protecting yourself from Winter conditions, shouldn’t you consider doing the same for your car?

It’s easy to think of waxing as more of a Spring and Summer form of maintenance because of the instant gratification it brings. Watching the rain bead up and retreat as if you control the Spring showers is a pretty good feeling. Likewise, walking out to your car in the Summer sun and seeing your reflection as clear as a mirror is hard to beat as well. But like most things in life, instant gratification is a poor measuring stick, and in this case, Winter may be the most important time of all to wax your car.

We can all agree that treating the wintery roads with Ice Melt or Rock Salt is super important. These tools help lower the freezing point of water on the roads and assist greatly with traction, preventing dangerous accidents. After all, it doesn’t matter how shiny your car is if you can’t get it to the desired destination in one piece. However, all of this salt can also take a toll on your car’s paint job in the long run, which is why waxing is so important!

When you wax your car, you are adding a layer of sealant over the paint. That layer is the barrier between your car’s paint and the snow, ice, decomposing leaves, dirt, salt, and road grime. Having wax protection is going to keep your car looking new for years to come.

Pair a solid wax job with regular washes at your nearest Flying Ace Express Car Wash location and you will really be in business. Consider the Barnstormer or The Flying Ace washes, especially in Winter, because they clean the underbody as well. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it. The underbody is especially susceptible to rust from road salt and isn’t protected by traditional wax jobs. Fly on in and select The Flying Ace wash: our all new wash that now includes our Sky Foam and Carnauba Hot Wax! You’ll be set for the wintery roads ahead.

Let us help you keep your car radiant and rust-free all Winter long!

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